Team Consulting

Individual team development of 2 or more goaltenders is our real niche during the season. We work with teams ranging from minor professional and every Junior A level to High schools and Pee Wees. We travel to your team’s practice and deliver direct implementation of skills and overall mentorship. We further enhance your team environment through consistent communication with your coaching staff.

Cost is customized based on location, ratio, frequency, etc.

Association Mentorship Affiliation

We specialize in association/team development during the season. We work with all levels of clubs and come to you. The Mentorship Affiliation is a completely customizable program created for the needs of your organization. Begin with on ice goaltender specific skill sessions, add game assessments, lectures, coaching seminars, individual progress reviews, and more into the value. GDI USA’s progressive curriculum and drill structure are unparalleled in the industry. We tailor fit our program to the group of goalies and ice format. Simply running goalies through shooting drills does little for the individual, team, and club as a whole. A dedicated goalie coach that can implement a plan of action and development will benefit everyone involved.

Have us contact your organization to explore the opportunity of having professional goaltender training throughout the club.

Cost is customized based on location, ratio, frequency, etc.