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All goaltenders should be provided with elite coaching and development. Join us in 2018 as we continue to grow our network of goalies, teams, coaches, and partners that will bring our philosophy, experience, and expertise to our goaltending family.

Goaltender Development Institute (GDI) USA, promises to continue delivering the same high quality products and services that our family has grown to expect, appreciate, and benefit from. GDI USA is an ice hockey goaltender specific business operating in the Mid Atlantic, Southeast, and Midwest regions of the US, while networking throughout North America and into Europe. Based in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL, we offer an array of programming including Personal Consultation, National and Regional Development Camps in the summer, Mid Season Tune Ups in the winter, year round Specialty Clinics,  in season Association Partnerships, Mental Conditioning, Game and Video Assessments, Gear Selection Assistance, Professional Scouting services, and Player Placement (Advising) Assistance. In short, GDI USA offers a goaltender everything they will need to learn, develop, and thrive through the course of their career. We hope you enjoy our website; as we continue to be your premium goaltending resource. Be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram @GDIUSAgoalie

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Teaching Philosophy

All goaltenders should be provided with elite coaching and development. That’s why we create a personalized experience for each goalie at each of our events. Our staff has the experience and training to deliver our comprehensive curriculum and cater it to the individual athlete. We know that once a goaltender establishes a strict and distinct base of fundamentals, that they must then have a unique approach to the position. As a goaltending athlete progresses through a career, countless unique experiences and individuals are implanted upon this player’s game. Through these experiences, the goaltender begins to build an approach. This approach combines these experiences with core fundamentals plus the distinct strengths and limitations of the actual netminder. During a GDI USA experience, athletes will seek to hone, refine, and repackage this distinct approach. Why do we take this stance? “Goaltending style is a journey” – Ian Clark, GDI Founder.

We offer mentorship to both male and female goalies throughout the year at all levels of play by hosting National and Regional camps as well as specialty clinics, personal consultation, association partnerships, and more.



Only by working in the rink, in the gym, and in the mind, can you truly identify your potential and reach your standard of excellence. We aim to seek out the talented and ambitious goaltenders ready to compete at the next level.

Note from the President

Our whirlwind 10th anniversary will be over in a month and it’s been a great year. As I recently stated and stole from the NHL; The first 10 years were just the beginning. I’m really excited to kick off our 2018 programs.

As you know, it’s very important for me to always evolve and grow the company. Stay tuned to the website and our social media feeds for constant updates on our events, teams, goalies, and what your favorite coaches might be up to. Continue to share what you are doing with us as well. You are a member of a very big family!

Lastly, I always like to reaffirm my objective to you and the game. I make sure to coach at every level and on every platform possible. My commitment to learn, share, and educate with other goalie coaches, head coaches, parents, and goalies is what drives me. My staff are an extension of me and we are committed to helping you be the best that you can become, help you reach your goals, and help you have more fun playing this great position.  #GDIUSA11

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Features and Benefits

Progression Levels Our system of teaching is broken down into six distinct progressions. These levels are similar to class courses; smaller bundles of skills broken into manageable steps. It is this system which has helped lay the foundation for GDI USA’s instructional success. Progression Level descriptions can be found on the lower left margin of this Home Page and the Regional Services Tab.

Innovative and Cutting‐Edge Skill Development Bring the most up‐to‐date and successful approaches into your game. We spend the season working with every level from youth to junior and pro goalies and coaches. Our approach, philosophy, and analysis of the position are founded on our comprehensive curriculum, experiences, network, and students.

Skill Development Sessions / TRAINING The best Coach/Athlete ratios in the industry ensure every moment of ice is processed and managed with correct drill structure and proper execution by the athletes. All full groups consist of never more than 12 goaltenders on the ice with 5 or more Coaches.

Position Specific Movement (PSM) Sessions / TRAINING Movement drives positional efficiency at any level of play. Agility work in this area will further enhance the athlete’s entire game and dovetail with the skill development sessions.

Fitness Development Sessions / FITNESS Physiology is a key ingredient to on ice success. We partner with leading Strength & Conditioning Coaches at nearly all events.

Hand/Eye Reflex Development Sessions / FITNESS Use of this neurological stimulant will become routine during this specialized development component.

Goaltender Specific Lecture Series / MENTAL An ever evolving lecture series has been created to leave no stone unturned during the programs. Lectures are given at select events by guest speakers and coaches.

Post‐event Mentoring and Follow‐Up / MENTAL In addition to each event wrap up discussion and assessments, we can provide continued mentorship throughout the hockey season.

Standard of Excellence

When you achieve your very best; you have then set your bar and expectation level. Replicating that every day consistently becomes your Standard of Excellence. Our commitment to maintaining our standard within our students, our business, and all of the programs that we offer is evident when working with us. This is how we get results. Thanks to our standard; we have grown tremendously. GDI USA has established a high quality reputation and seeks to exceed our families’ expectations of what a goaltending school should be for all of those involved.

We will maintain GDI USA as a premier trainer and developer of all types of goaltenders and coaches while maintaining our uncompromising Standard of Excellence.

We will commit GDI USA as the most progressive and innovative training company for the development of all types of goaltenders and coaches. We will offer our family continuously new and improved products and services by evolving from our foundation of business and development.

Company History

Launched in 2007 as GDI Southeast and renamed GDI USA in February of 2015 to support expansion, we operate in the Mid Atlantic, Southeast, and Midwest regions of the United States, while networking throughout North America and into Europe. We are GDI in the United States. Since the naming of Regional Manager Ryan Honick (now President) at our inception, we have established ourselves as a premier developer of goaltenders in each of our regions.

GDI was born in 1992, and has been a world-leader in the development of hockey goaltenders. The tools and techniques developed by GDI have revolutionized the way that goalies play the game. Traditionally, GDI has conducted summer camps, in-season and off-season consulting programs and published an array of development resources and periodicals. Over the course of GDI’s history, its reputation grew due to exceptional knowledge of the goaltending position and the ability to consistently convey that knowledge to coaches and goalies. Founder Ian Clark (and current NHL Goaltending Coach) can be credited with establishing this unparalleled success and reputation. GM’s, Coaches, Scouts, and Agents from the NHL, Minor Pro, NCAA, Major Junior, and Junior A have come to rely on GDI for development, avocation, references, referrals, information, and placement through use of its vast network. Current and former GDI coaches have trained goalies that can be found on over 20 NHL depth charts today.

In 2006, with the addition of long time client and retired NY Ranger goaltender Dan Blackburn as Vice-President of Training Services, GDI took on the revolutionary task of expanding worldwide in an effort to refine the goaltending industry’s fragmented marketplace. At its peak in 2009, GDI Regional Managers could be found in 15 areas of the US, Canada, and Europe. Their mission of leveraging GDI’s curriculum, quality, and philosophy was a successful endeavor as GDI Training Centers were constructed, resources including an interactive website and the monthly periodical The Goalie News magazine flourished, and the GDI equipment line was launched.

In 2010 the GDI Corporate entity closed. Current and former GDI coaches continue to develop their own companies while evolving their business foundations GDI lay in place, continuing to further our brand and network.